Friday, June 15, 2007

Pink Flower Hair Clip

Add some sparkle to your loving cute outfit and enjoy the sparkle through the night. This hair clip so gorgeous to accessorize your outfit with. Will look good with a nice halter shirt and some jeans. I will wear this clip anytime with a nice outfit. TOO CUTE LOVE IT!!!

Pink Mini Velour Shorts

These mini shorts with a drawstring waist and a design on the side. Nice for the hot sunny days in the summer. Cute to go to the beach and wear under swimwear. Also a welour hooded short jacket with the same symbol on the front goes with these mini shorts.
Forever 21, $10.00

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cute Cami Set

I love this pretty pink cami set. I love wearing pajamas to bed and it's my favorite color too. This is a great gift to someone who loves the color pink and lime. They will fall in love with it like I do.VERY CUTE!
Sears, $17.00

3 Shade Beaded Braclet

I love this beaded pink braclet. It will go with just about any color of pink. I love to go out with an nice outfit on and some georgous accerssiors. You will have fun this braclet. Pink is the color for the summer.
Wetseal, $5.00

Monday, June 4, 2007

Pretty Pink Bra

This bra is so appealing to me. I love it and the color. It can go with some boy shorts plain or design.I will wear it anytime!
Price $ 25.00,

Pink Classy Belt

Pink classy belt with a silver ring loop. This belt can accessorize your outfit with a cute top and some cute fitted jeans. You will be on the go to the time of your life.
Charlotte Russe

Pink Dotted Tote

I love big bags and this one is right up my alley. I love the color of it pink. Actually pink is my favorite color as you can tell. Great to carry for the summer.

Price 15.00,

Pink Flip Flops

Pink comfortable flip flops for the summer. I love these shoes for the summer. You can wear them with anything. You can slip them on and up and go. Great shoes for hot sunny days!

Price $2.00,